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Gain access to your
artist portals.

Change your picture and claim your page.

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Join BMI or ASCAP.

These are called Performance Rights Organizations. They collect your performance and mechanical royalties. This means whenever your music is sold (CD or downloads), streamed "on demand" or on radio. They do NOT collect streaming royalties.


Sign up for DistroKid.

This is our current music distributor. The only way to cash out on your streaming royalties when you upload with us is to have your own DistroKid account.

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Have use help you brand your image on social media.


We will give you feed back on your media.


While experiencing how the music industry is changing and the struggles that artists go through, we set out to create something special that harmonizes with how music is experienced today.


Join Songtrust.

Songtrust is a third-party publishing administrator. They collect streaming royalties that DistroKid does not. When you register your songs with Songtrust, they also automatically register those songs with your PRO (like BMI or ASCAP).
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